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Legal Kiosks are free computers embedded within community agencies serving as legal help access points.

Low income individuals in the US face a persistent digital divide.

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According to a study from the Pew Research Center

A Persistent Digital Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic and public health emergency moved the legal system virtual, disproportionately impacting low income communities. The shift online exacerbated an existing digital divide. Low income individuals have less technology at home and face more barriers accessing it. “The digital lives of Americans with lower and higher incomes remain markedly different,” says a recent Pew Research Center study

Pew Research Center study chart showing less technology adoption across the board for those in the lowest income tier
Pew Research Center study chart showing increasing use of smartphones for those in the lowest income tier

Unequal Access is Unequal Justice

The study found that “with fewer options for online access at their disposal, Americans with lower incomes are relying more on smartphones.” This means people will often try to use their phones for actions most appropriate on a larger screen, such as filling out a form or attending a court hearing. Unstable internet connection and limited services in rural areas only adds to these challenges.

Human-Centered Legal Service Delivery

Legal Kiosks are free computers located in community agencies that provide legal help access points. Legal Kiosks are embedded directly within the communities they serve through organizations people are already acquainted with. They offer a safe, secure, and familiar way of engaging with the legal system.

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Legal Kiosks

Bridging the digital divide with human-centered legal service delivery

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Using a Legal Kiosk is always free, whether people need to apply for legal services, access resources online, or print documents.

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Legal Kiosks meet people where they are, in locations that people are familiar with like libraries, churches, shelters, and malls.

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Designed to be easy to use and friendly, Legal Kiosks are built and tested with real users.

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Legal Kiosk software wipes the device after each use, deleting files, and search history. Additionally, video meetings can be done in spaces with privacy.

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Legal Kiosks are ADA compliant, mounted onto furniture that can be raised and lowered. We are in the process of deploying screen reader software for those with visual impairments.

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Legal Kiosks can be depended upon to have constant power supply and a stable internet connection. Some Legal Kiosks can be reserved in advance.

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