What is a Legal Kiosk?
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Legal Kiosks are free computers that provide access to legal aid services. They are most helpful for people without access to wifi or technology. Legal Kiosks are located in a variety of community agencies from libraries, to service providers, to malls. Some Legal Kiosks have an attached printer/scanner allowing you to print and scan documents. Some Legal Kiosks are located in spaces that have privacy so you attend a video meeting or court hearing.

What can I do on a Legal Kiosk?
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Anyone can use a Legal Kiosk to access legal information, apply for free legal help, and attend online meetings or remote court hearings in privacy. You can use a Legal Kiosk to fill out and submit forms, apply for services, or learn more about your legal issue.

What applications are available on a Legal Kiosk?
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The applications available on a Legal Kiosk depend on the project. Our most common Legal Kiosk applications include the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat Reader, and video meeting applications such as Zoom.

Are Legal Kiosks accessible?
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We are committed to providing fair and equal access for anyone that wants to use a Legal Kiosk. All Legal Kiosks are mounted to either a desk or a cart that is height adjustable. Learn how to adjust the height of a cart. Learn how to adjust the height of a desk. Some Legal Kiosks have a printer and scanner. These printers and scanners can be configured to magnify text, read the content aloud, and select options using gestures. Learn how to set up and use the printer and scanner accessibility software. If you are deaf or hard of hearing you can turn on closed captions and a live transcription. Learn more from Zoom. We are in the process of rolling out Jaws Screen Reader and ZoomText to enlarge sections of the screen for those that are visually impaired. These softwares works in conjunction with a speech synthesizer by speaking what is on the computer screen aloud.

Can Legal Kiosks be reserved in advance?
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Some Legal Kiosks can be reserved in advance. This can be helpful if you have a video meeting or court hearing and want to make sure you have a place to attend it. Please refer to our support article to learn more about reserving a Legal Kiosk.

Who pays for printing?
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All Legal Kiosks with a printer provide printing and scanning for free.

Are Legal Kiosks touchscreen?
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Yes, Legal Kiosks can be controlled with a mouse and keyboard and used as a touchscreen.

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