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Legal Services of North Dakota (LSND) supports a free Legal Kiosk initiative throughout Fargo, North Dakota. The Legal Kiosks provide North Dakotans with another point of access to legal services and legal education, placed in trusted centers in their local community. Any person looking for advice and services regarding their legal rights can use Legal Kiosks. The combination of the comfortable local community setting and access to knowledge and solutions helps to efficiently arm our residents to better assert their legal rights and seek resolution to dilemmas impacting their legal needs.
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Host a Legal Kiosk at Your Organization

Host Sites are the heart and soul of our project. Host Sites are community organizations like libraries, schools, shelters, community centers, places of worship, or other social service providers. Host Sites allow community members to access the legal system in a familiar and safe space.


Search our locations to find a legal kiosk near you.


Download and share our materials with your network to spread awareness of Legal Kiosks to your community!

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One - Pager

Use our one pager to explain important basics of the project to staff, partners, and other stakeholders.
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Download and print our poster to people know what a Legal Kiosk is and where to find one. Available in color and black and white.
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Quick Guide

Our quick reference guide helps users navigate the Kiosk and perform basic functions. Post the guide near the Kiosk where users can see it.

Window Cling

Use our window cling to help people find the room where your Legal Kiosk is located.
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Desk Sign

Print out these desk signs to help people find the Legal Kiosk among other computers.


Download our logo to create your own marketing materials
Preview of Legal Kiosk Mockup with landing page


Use our mockup to show people what a Legal Kiosk looks like

Social Media Assets

Download and share these images on social media. These assets are optimized for each platform and can be downloaded below.

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North Dakota Social Media post image
North Dakota Social Media post image
North Dakota Social Media post image
North Dakota Social Media post image
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